master shake

condemned from the start

the songs and the words own the beating of our hearts...

newsflash: conserta does NOT work b/c I am writing lj's instead of writing a paper. so ya.

ahhhhhhhh I can't wait for Jackie to come to atlanta!!! April are you coming?????
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Bubbles19898: what? what? what?
Bubbles19898: is everything okay?
IAmtheInnerbunny: no
IAmtheInnerbunny: everything isnt okay
Bubbles19898: whats wrong?
IAmtheInnerbunny: alton
Bubbles19898: what happened?
IAmtheInnerbunny: can i call you and explain...kinda long story
Bubbles19898: sure hold on let me get my phone
IAmtheInnerbunny: k
(convo with julia)

Bubbles19898: hello
boyinthecorner0: hey
Bubbles19898: how goes it?
boyinthecorner0: confuzing
Bubbles19898: why?
boyinthecorner0: julia
Bubbles19898: what happend?
boyinthecorner0: ask me latter
Bubbles19898: ok
Bubbles19898: when i was in seattle i saw a bus with Hilary Hahn on it, i'm trying to see if she is town
boyinthecorner0: theres the symphonie tonight
(convo with alton-were met for each other)

(no subject)

i am so excited for this summer.

10 days in europe, who could ask for more. london & paris.. here we come.
we are going to break some serious teenage european boy hearts. we are going to sneak out of the hotel & party until dawn, get wasted at foreign bars and just meet people. we will buy beautiful clothing and eat amazing food, drink expensive wine and kiss all the boys we can. we'll smoke cigarettes just because we can. we'll seduce absolutely everyone we come in contact with. in london, we will ride double decker buses and take the tube. mind the gap! we will meet adorable boys with excellent accents. ohh, and paris. we'll speak french as well as we can (we need to stock up on dirty french phrases) and go topless at beaches! haha.. maybe, anyway. we will have the time of our lives, and send lillie postcards every day! <3

& north carolina. ohh yes.
(we need to work on that by the way; lillie's mommy must call the other mommies for a mommy conference!)
but we'll make everyone in north carolina jealous of our sexiness and wanting us badly. we'll walk to the pool and go skinnydipping at night. we'll walk around everywhere in skimpy bathing suits and sunglasses and miniskirts. we will seduce southern skater-surfer dudes and hook up with them and party with them and get totally crunk. we will make friends with everyone and have wild all-night parties. we will get tons of hot guys' numbers and just be crazy hoes. we will actually use our love dice and love tokens, and more sexual goodies we buy from spencer's. haha. we will blow up flavored condom balloons (BANANA) and float them in the hot tub, as we are in it naked. we will invite random people to hot tub with us. we will find some means of having maryjane and smoke it in the woods.

i am so excited.
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